Exhuming graves

Far from the eternal failure of the Iraqi government to solve or address any problem that ends up exacerbating the problems resulting from it, this situation has become a feature of the Iraqi government that is governed by parties known to be Islamist, and today a new problem has emerged because of the Corona epidemic, which the government has turned into a social disaster related to the health aspect it has been absent from. The media, whose papers revealed the October Revolution and the Corona epidemic, show that the health level in Iraq is outdated and an aid factor that has caused the killing of thousands of Iraqis who were infected with Corona and did not receive good care, and the treatment methods and medicines that were given to them were not effective. The oxygen crisis and the presence of impurities in it also contributed to the killing, forcing patients to go to private doctors’ clinics for treatment, with the suffering of many due to the weak economic situation that prevents them from buying expensive medicines, in addition to the greed of fruit merchants where the urgent need for citrus, onions and garlic. As for the dead from Corona, they got their share, after the treatment experiments, they entered death experiences from hospital refrigerators, as well as the stage of fear of them after death, avoiding approaching them and frightening the world from the bodies of the dead infected with Corona, which led to preventing their families from receiving them and holding burial ceremonies known in Islam and ended up throwing boxes The bodies are in pits no more than half a meter deep under the ground and in a remote desert isolated from cities and people

due to the apparent failure of the government, despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on this crisis and it was indeed a crisis, but because of the crisis cell that, unfortunately, did not assume responsibility, while Countries of the world that enjoy high levels of health services, in contrast to the low level that Iraq goes to, and this reflected negatively on the society that found itself pulling out its dead and re-burial them in a decent manner, and this process cost him to go through a routine cycle of abhorrent administrative procedures as usual and cost sums of money. Up to $ 1000 to bury one person while bearing high temperatures under the scorching sun, and the relatives of the dead had to do this work alone without government assistance.

عن علي عبد الكريم

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